was Wallisia Sandy's Candy
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Wallisia Sandy's Candy
(Ed. 2020, Wallisia 'Sandy' is a cultivar of cyanea from Hawaii, a plant with an extremely good red plume. 'Sandy's Candy' is not registered, but seems to be a variegated form of it.)
2021 - 'Sandy's Candy' registered
From BCR ... "Mature, many-leaved, open rosette to 30cm. diameter. Marginated variegation off Wallisia 'Sandy' through a tissue culture sport which changes from almost white to hot pink depending on the light and feeding. The erect, paddle-shaped deep pink almost red inflorescence of Wallisia 'Sandy' (formerly a Tillandsia) is retained and has cyanic purple flowers. Reg. Doc. 5/2021.
Hawaii USA, David Fell, circa 2010"

Peter Tristram 05/13. Variegated. (10/20 'Sandy's Candy'?)

Updated 29/03/23