Was Tillandsia Feather Belle
Now x Wallfussia Feather Belle
(See DD02/17: for all new (DNA resolved) species & Cultivars.)

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x Wallfussia Feather Belle
Barfussia laxissima x Wallisia cyanea by Peter Tristram, NSW, <2007.
Both parents originally regarded as Tillandsia !
From BCR (still listed as Tillandsia 01/22) ... "Flowering to 40cm high. Differs from T. 'Creation' in plant smaller, scape shorter, more branches, floral bracts more imbricate and pastel pink, with lavender flowers."
Peter Tristram 06/09
Peter Tristram 03/16
John Olsen 01/18
Peter Tristram 06/09 ... "This ia a shot of my hybrid, T. Feather Belle (laxissima (var moorei??) x cyanea). I did it about the same time as Corn Bak did Creation, except my seedlings took a lot longer to grow to maturity than the platyrachis hybrid did. I didnít have climate control then. Itís smaller, brighter, flowers more regularly and pups better than Creation. You might say I think itís a good hybrid!"
John Olsen 01/18 ... "A Tristram hybrid. I was going to write a Tristram creation. While it is Creation-like, one parent is different. And now moved to be an intergeneric."
Peter Tristram 01/18 ... "I guess Geoff Lawn will change the nothogenus when he has time. Fussy Wally...Barfussia x Wallisia = x Wallfussia I gather."
Rob Bower 01/22

Updated 18/01/22