Tillandsia violaceiflora
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Tillandsia violaceiflora

Chris Larson 09/16
Justin Lee 10/19
Chris Larson ... "A new one from Argentina In one of the most beautiful valley’s I have seen, NW of Cafayete in Argentina. But I cannot remember seeing it there. Would love to go back."
Peter Tristram ... "This plant is from Lotte and only once did Lotte let me have one. Chris took it to the TPE to see if I remembered it and the mystery of what happened to that plant was solved as I thought it was another clone of recurvispica and gave one to Chris. Labels staying with their plants during the importation/inspection/treatment/quarantine process are often a problem!
Label was (25/07/1981, 7176, T. violaceiflora, 1800m, Berg oberhalb Garganta de Diablo, Salta, Argentina)"
Alfonso Trudu ... "WOW Justin, a stunning plant! Can this be also grown in warmer climates?"
Chris Larson ... "Found growing near T. peiranoi. I climbed up that hill but not quite far enough. If you can grow peiranoi & zecheri, and my small form of lorentziana – well they are all growing there."

Updated 03/01/20