Tillandsia velutina
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Tillandsia velutina
Species. Guatemala.
Ken Woods 10/04.
Patricia Knowles at BSA Show 05/11.
Chris Larson 12/13.
Chris Larson 03/12/13. "T. velutina. Another of those misnamed plants until Renate cleaned it up in 1994. This one is also in collections under a few names. Often retail nurseries in both the USA & Australia have sold this as T. brachycaulos ‘Abdida’ or even T. brachycaulos var abdida – and some still do. Of course it has nothing to do with the species T. abdita – which is a legitimate name for another plant entirely. I find that this plant likes a regular water pattern, a good amount of food, and colour in the leaves when flowering can be good even when grown in lower light levels, as shown with this plant."

Updated 15/05/14