Tillandsia roland-gosselinii X rothii
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Tillandsia roland-gosselinii X rothii
Adam Bodzioch 02/19
Adam Bodzioch ... "This T. roland-gossilinii cross has been about 15 years in the making. I believe I purchased a pup attached to a wooden mount from Bob Hudson about 15 years ago. I have grown it in chunky bark for the last few years.
It doesnít have the rothii blush at the moment because I havenít grown it high because of our heatwave conditions. The weather at Adelaide in the next week or so is predicted to be milder (31-32 degrees celcius) so I will elevate today."
Derek Butcher ... "Interesting. Nobody has registered that cross nor the reverse so when it actually flowers we should be registering it with as much detail we can find. I hope it has whitish petals."
Derek Butcher ... "It would seem that your hybrid roland-goss x rothii is also being grown by Chris Larson so we may get some answer although to my ancient eye your photo looks different."

Updated 16/05/19