Tillandsia 'Look At Moi'
was Tillandsia reichenbachii X croctata

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Tillandsia Look At Moi
was distributed as un-registered T. reichenbachii X croctata ? by Burkhard Holm ? See notes below.
Feb. 2021. - Now registered and named by Dale Dixon.
From BCR ... "Mature, caulescent (stem 12cm. long) rosette to 30cm. diameter. Polystichous, channeled, highly-scurfed grey to grey-green leaves 5-15cm. long, outspreading but with slightly spidery growth. Erect, simple spike 13cm. long with frosted green, ovoid inflorescence 6.5cm. long x 1.1cm. wide and distichous floral bracts. Bright yellow, highly-scented flowers at 18mm. diameter. Exported ex Burkhard Holm's nursery, Germany in 2010, under parentage to Australian grower Peter Tristram. Enquries with the exporter reveal the actual breeder is unknown. Reg. Doc. 2/2021 by Dr. Dale Dixon. Country of origin: Germany ?"
From Dale Dixon ... "I chose this name for two reasons.
1. Both Greg and I love the Sit.Com. Kath and Kim. Look at Moi was a favourite saying of Kathís to get Kimmyís attention.
2. The flower colour and size together with its scent screams Ďlook at meí. "
Chris Larson 08/19
Chris Larson ... "One I havenít flowered before from Holm. I canít remember which way around the parent was Ė T. reichenbachii X croctata or the reverse. Canít find it on the BCR either. Very difficult to photograph Ė this is the only photo I could get where the colour of the flower was true."
Geoff Lawn ... "This T. reichenbachii X croctata does appear on Peter Tristram's Master List of Holm Imports ex Germany. We have been waiting for a blooming photo from some-one, so it could be named and registered--thanks. This item went onto a list of Holm's unregistered crosses back in July, 2016. At that time Burkhard Holm's daughter Tanya Richter indicated it may be the reverse cross and maybe not be her father's cross, but that they do not stock it any more, but a remake of the cross was done."
Dale Dixon 02/21
Dale Dixon ... "Hereís an unregistered Holm hybrid I got from Peter Tristram. T. reichenbachii x crocata. Beautiful large scented clear yellow flowers. I hope Tanja can register this one. Itís very nice."
Geoff Lawn ... "No, Tanja Richter disowns this hybrid. In a chart of problematic outstanding crosses emailed to several collectors on 25/7/16. Tanya says: "reichenbachii x crocata. I think it's crocata x reichenbachii and I'm not sure. If the adult plants are a cultivar which my father bred, maybe he got them from another person (the labels are quite unclear and I can't ask my father any more). So I can't register it as our cultivar now. We remade this cross but those plants are too young to describe and to photograph." So Dale, you have the privilege of naming and registering it. It was not done before now because no blooming photos were available."
Chris Larson ... "I have photographed it and posted it before. Just check with Peter Tristram to see that no other name is currently being used (I don't think so) & go for it, Dale. Certainly mine is still under formula. It is a lovely plant and deserves a name."
Peter Tristram ... "Yes, itís been posted but I am not privy to what Tanja said. I guess we name it then. The Europeans have different plants for reichenbachii than we do, though. Iíll check my files again."

Updated 05/03/21