Tillandsia pulchella
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Tillandsia pulchella
Note - Tillandsia pulchella (Hook) is now considered a synonym of T. tenuifolia var. tenuifolia.
Included on this web site since 1. there are still "pulchella" in circulation
and 2. it is still questioned whether it is a separate species.
Unfortunately tennuifolia is highly variable and there is a continuum of plants across many different species.
Drawing by Hook. tenuifolia as pulchella
Ian Hook 10/19
Geoff Beech 11/19
Geoff Beech ... "I got this as pulchella, a sort of tenuifolia. I assume It has a twist in the petals. Any thoughts?"
Ian Hook ... "Mine was ex. Ken Woods as "pulchella, White flowered"
I read that pulchella is now synonym with tennuifolia. It has same colours as my other tennuifolia, BUT....
it flowered slightly later than the rest and looks more like what I have as bergeri
All very confusing but if too many complaints then someone will lump them all as one species !"
Derek Butcher ... "It depends on how keen you are on names. T. pulchella is considered a synonym of the very variable T. tenuifolia. You then have to ask yourself how did the botanist see your plant name when it was first described. There is a painting to help you - see above. To me, they do not match. If it were me I would take the plant to bits and compare with other T. tenuifolia descriptions, bearing in mind the possibility of a hybrid."
Ian Hook ... "Geoff: I just noticed your's has longer & thinner petals than mine. Possibly just culture and maybe petal age effects."
Geoff Beech ... "I am beginning to think Derek is right and some outside pollen has snuck in. The plant originaly came from Justin Lee."

Updated 03/11/19