Tillandsia porongoensis
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Tillandsia porongoensis
From the Diaphoranthema group of Tillandsia.
Peter Tristram 06/13. From Lotte Hromradnik.
Peter Tristram 08/13.
Peter Tristram 08/13... "This plant was imported as T. myosura but it certainly seems to be another stunning T. porongoensis. This clone has incredibly long petals that twist and turn and dramatically change colour as they age. They start off almost black like the buds. The two macro photos show the change over 3 days. Most brom flowers seem to darken with age but this plantís flowers turn yellow. I wonder what the chemistry is?"

Derek Butcher.... "Because T.porongoensis is thought to be a natural hybrid I assume you have started investigations with the supplier of your plants. We already know there is a pseudo porongoensis being grown in Germany which the Germans seem reluctant to act on.
It has been known since the 1890's that Diaphoranrthema hybridise easily in the wild. So things can get complicated."

Updated 31/01/14