Tillandsia ortgiesiana
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Tillandsia ortgiesiana
Ken Woods. Some doubt over correct ID of these 3. 08/04
Terry Davis 1st BSA Show 09/11.

Ken Woods. Correct ID? 11/06
George Nieuwenhoven 01/13
botteri Kosit Kaewkangwal, Thailand 11/18
Drawing ex DB
Herbariam LG
ortgiesiana Eric Gouda
Kosit Kaewkangwal ... "I got this plant from Pamela Butler(Australia) as ortgiesiana, I need your suggestion. Loma."
Derek Butcher ... "Look at this query I got from Thailand. The plant is featured on this web site, with a comment that the name did not seem right. Walter Till says it is T. botteri so if you have this plant make a note on the label. As far as I am aware T. ortgiesiana is not in Australia. The nearest we have to it is T. occulta."

Updated 20/03/19