Tillandsia moronesensis
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Tillandsia moronesensis
Peter Tristram 05/11.
From Peter Tristram... "Pics of a large species, currently in bloom, I got from Lydia in 2006 (label misplaced or plant mislabelled). T. moronesensis was the decision by Walter Till in the end. I had never seen it in bloom and being a more recently described plant, it is not in S&Dís key and the fcbs database of Tillandsias from Mexico is too huge to consider. It was only described 11 yrs ago.
Any collectors who got an adventitious pup from me labelled T sp. Mexico LK06 or similar, this is it. Itís distinctive as the leaves are conspicuously and evenly, finely lined lengthwise."

Updated 24/06/11