Tillandsia macvaughii
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Tillandsia macvaughii

Chris Larson 12/14.
Pam Butler 01/20

Chris Larson ... "A first for me. A very pretty plant. At 800m from Jalisco in Mexico it is a little too temperamental to grow outside."
Peter Tristram ... "Lovely! White flowered concolor??!! Someone joked that to me once. If this one was from Lotte a couple of years back, the one I got IS concolor but with red bracts to boot. I must take a photo. The others I have bloomed have single spikes. I must check the difference between macvaughii and marabascoensis again too."
Derek Butcher ... "As you say interesting. The DVD shows how we were on to this before the Mexicans published. It had been known by the Germans since 1987 and what surprises me is that no differential was made with T. concolor. Again we have an instance of a different coloured flower leading botanists to a different name. Sure is inconsistency in dealing with white flowers as evidenced by lack of enthusiasm towards the white flowered T. magnusiana. It is not worthwhile registering a name such as 'Purity' if growers are not going to use it. As it stands, it is not recorded that a white flowered T. magnusiana exists."
Eric Gouda ... "I don't think it is T. macvaughii, does look much like one of the many T. fasciculata forms."

Updated 13/06/20