Tillandsia lineatispica
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Tillandsia lineatispica or xlineatispica or xspinnleriana or 'Spinnler'
Natural hybrid of fasciculata x utriculata
From Derek Butcher's Talk at Cairns 2008....
"Another problem I encountered was a T. xlineatispica which I got from Renate in 2002. It has not yet flowered! In 1996 in Flora of St. John, US Virgin Islands, mention was made about this natural hybrid (fasciculata x utriculata) but because the plant was still called T. lineatispica Harry still treats it as a species even though he acknowledges its hybridity. Why did Renate let me have the plant?
In 2001 I was busy translating Die Bromelie 3/2000 and doubted my translating when I read that T. lineatispica had been found in the middle of Mexico and yet S&D said that it had only been found on the Virgin Islands. Was this a case of a natural hybrid with the same putative parents? Emails flew back and forth. To my mind the Mexican plant should be described as T. xspinnleriana or just ‘Spinnler’ but the Germans are still arguing"
See DD1008. Natural Hybrid Talk for more details.

T. xlineatispica / lineatispica / xspinnleriana / Spinnler. 10/08

Tillandsia lineatispica or T. fasciculata 'Fingers'
This has been in Australia for many years as T. fasciculata 'Fingers' but is most likely lineatispica.
The inflorescence dies off but much later starts shooting from the "dead" tips.
See DD0312b. for more details.
From Chris Larson...
"This is another of those plants that has started to flower again over 12 months since it last flowered. You can see the green tips that are slightly out of focus, but more interesting is the odd little growth in the centre of the photo - there is a few of these on the plant. The flowers are just about to start again.
Derek Butcher 02/12 as T. fasciculata 'Fingers'.
Chris Larson 02/12.
Dennis Cathcart
Peter Tristram 10/12.
Bruce Dunstan 10/12
Peter Tristram..."as mentioned lineatispica returns. It is certainly true that Dennis's is bigger. It has an interesting colour mix too - creamy yellow to muddy mulberry, in to out. I think I have given up on flowers as the plant is now sprouting some pups. Dennis also has a multi-branching form that bloomed last year and I have a pup of it too (in Q). The photo I saw had it (spike) purple all over. It's a wild looking beast as well!
Bruce Dunstan..."My plant that flowered last year is doing it again with 14 offsets. No actual flowers observed last year."

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