Tillandsia jaliscomonticola X calothyrsus
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Tillandsia jaliscomonticola X calothyrsus
Not yet registered. From Tillandsia discussion group.
Barry Landau 05/14 forwarded by Geoff Lawn.
George Stamatis 05/14.
Peter Tristram 05/14.
Geoff Lawn 06/05/14
The attached photos appeared on Facebook yesterday, as Best in Show at the current La Ballona Brom Soc. Show in California. I asked the photographer, Barry Landau, for details on the exhibitor and breeder but there has been no response yet. Does anyone recognise this cross--man-made or natural hybrid ? I think it deserves a cultivar name and gets registered, hence my enquiry. Is it grown in Australia yet ? Thanks for any input.

Peter Tristram
Man-made Geoff, they arenít natural buddies - one from sea level and one from high up. Chris - we got some of these in 08 from Pam. I think you bloomed it too.
My original went weird during blooming and I decided my plant of the cross was a dud BUT the 2 pups bloomed as shown. Now I will look after it with a view to creating a monster!
Like Len I think it needs a name... Pam?

Len Colgan
I have had two of these for at least 10 years, possibly a bit older, obtained from Pam. My plants are identical to the one in the pictures, but are yet to flower.
It is definitely a human-made cross, but I cannot recall by whom. I wonder why it has not been named already.

George Stamatis
Here's one of mine that flowered this past summer. I really do think this one was sold as a grex and we need to be cautious about giving entire grex one cultivar name as I have noticed some variation in the ones I've flowered so far. Bred by Pam. It's a grex. I got a few pups from her a few years ago and there has been some variation in size / colour / number of spikes. They all, however, have the same general look as the one in your photo. They do grow into large tall plants with rather upright foliage. The tallest one I've flowered so far was around 2.5 feet tall (excluding the pot).

John Olsen
TX 266 from Birdrock

Pamela Koide Hyatt
Yep, it's my cross. It was made in 88 or 89. I will have to check my records to get all the details and let you know when I can.

Updated 12/05/14