Tillandsia guerreroensis
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Tillandsia guerreroensis
Bruce Dunstan 10/17
Peter Tristram 10/10
Bruce Dunstan 10/20

Bruce Dunstan 10/17 ... "First time for me."
Bob Hudson ... "Great plant not seen in flower very often!!"
Peter Tristram ... "Only a baby! It is a hell of a slow grower so be patient for the next blooming! Very few of these around too."
Peter Tristram 11/20 ex Lydia

Tillandsia guerreroensis W. Rauh sp. nova. Trop Subtrop Pflanz. 60: 66-7. 1987
Translated by Butcher

Plant stemless to a short rhizome, flowering to 15 cm high, leaves numerous, making a rosette 12 cm high, and 18 cm wide,
Leaf sheath clearly seen, broad oval, to 2 cm high, 1.5 cm wide, both sides dense leather brown lepidote.
Leaf blade thin linear, to 8cm long, top part of sheath 0.8cm wide, weakly rolled inwards, with a short pungent twisted-together tip, bent backwards, both sides dense appressed lepidote, scales on the leaf edges and top side strongly eccentric.
Scape very short (5cm long), hidden in the rosette.
Scape bracts erect, densely imbricate, at the bottom leaflike, upper ones similar to floral bracts.
Inflorescence simple,sword-shaped (seldom branched), acuminate, to 7cm long, 1.5cm wide, convex, 5 6 flowered, bent over.
Floral bract densely imbricate, not keeled, dull and broad rounded, carmine-reddish, with green edges, 2.5cm long, 1.2cm wide, underneath laxly white lepidote, much longer than the sepals.
Sepals posterior ones sharply keeled, free, thin membranous, acuminate, 1.5cm long, 5mm wide, white with reddish middle nerve, glabrous.
Petals tongue shaped, overhangs the floral bracts a little, to 3cm long, 8mm wide, deep dark violet, the tip short rolled back.
Style and Stigma stamens overhang the petals a little, stigma lobes enclosed and as long as the petals.
Type locality On rocks between Acapulco and Zhijuantenajo (State of Guerrero) Mexico, 1000m
Holotype BGH 66721, leg Pamela Koide (may 1984), in herb. inst. bot. system. univ. heidelb. ( HEID)
Flowers occasionally on the top flat side.

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