Tillandsia flabellata X streptophylla
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Tillandsia flabellata X streptophylla
Adam Bodzioch 11/15.
(streptophylla on left)
Adam Bodzioch ... "I believe this came from Maurice Kellett."

Adam Bodzioch 10/11/15 - The flabellata x streptophylla in pics2 and 3 had ex MK on the label so I assume that I obtained it from Maurice Kellett.

Derek Butcher 11/11/15 Dare I suggest you look at 'Graceful' as a name for your other plant

Adam Bodzioch 11/11/15 Derek. I wasn’t aware that it hadn’t been named. Thank you for stimulating my grey matter. I thought that it looked an elegant plant and accordingly, thought that ‘Elegance’ might be right. I do like ‘Graceful’ but thought ‘Elegance’ a tad better. Thanks for your suggestion.

Ian Hook 23/02/17 I couldn't resist Adam's great pictures from Nov. last year. http://www.bromeliad.org.au/pictures/Tillandsia/flabellataXstreptophylla.htm Has this one been registered ? Should it be ? Is it "around" ?

Derek Butcher 24/02/17 Why not 'Graceful'? A hybrid done by Grace Goode so many years ago which is why it is known by formula. Whether the formula is correct is another matter. It was not considered important in those days that mother comes first. Could it be a selfing of T. streptophylla? In any event I think that 'Graceful' is a better option because we have weak provenance.

Grant Paterson 26/02/17 Ud etal If this came from Maurice it is likely a hybrid done by Shane in Rockhampton I have lost his contact details I also have plants of this stunning plant which happily grows in full sun here in Mackay It is worthy of a Name I would Think. PT might have Shane’s contact details

Geoff Lawn 26/02/17 Adam's suggested cultivar name from 15 months ago of T. 'Elegance' is a good idea. I just need the approximate year bred and the breeder "Shane" s surname to get it registered. Thanks Ian for bringing it to our attention again after 15 months.

Peter Tristram 27/02/17 The good news is I have tracked down Shane!! I’ll give him a call tonight.

Derek Butcher 27/02/17 A primary hybrid such as flabellata x streptophylla should have similar progeny especially as there is little variation in definition in the quoted parents. If ionantha were involved I would ask which cultivar. If a hybridist is doing a remake he must consider the consistent differences there are otherwise he should use the name of the original named hybrid. In this case he did not even bother but used the names of what he considered to be the parents. With such an approach how do we know what parents were actually used? From the BCR we know that Grace Goode crossed flabellata with what she considered as streptophylla in 1983 but it was not until some 8 years later that Margaret Paterson named it 'Graceful'. So plants from Grace would be known as( flabellata x streptophylla) but by 'Graceful' from Margaret. Margaret did a reverse cross 'Gympie' which if you check the BCR you will see differences between my photos and the Paterson's. To me this shows that you should accept variability. Do we relate Adam's plant with these older hybrids or link them to this later hybrid from Shane. Adam he got his plant from Maurice but we have not heard about Maurice's source. So there is no direct link to Shane. Grant does have a direct link to Shane and I assume he sees clear differences between these plants and his Mother's plants of 'Graceful'. As such he can register this on behalf of Shane To link Adam's plant to this is fraught with danger on the evidence we have

Maurice Kellett 27/02/17 Yes this plant was one of the hybrids produced by Shane Lidstone and sent to me in small batches for resale . Shane was not interested at the time as he did not have computer facility to register his hybrids . If you contact him his circumstances may have changed and he may now have this facility ??? He lives in a flood prone area so may not be interested in registering and may need someone to do this for him ???? I have not spoken to him for quite a while but know that he enjoys producing hybrids and grows quality plants .

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