Tillandsia durangensis
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Tillandsia durangensis
Ken Woods 12/04
Bruce Dunstan 09/13 (White leaf form)
Ray Clark 02/18
Peter Tristram 09/13. Ex. Michael Ferenczi.
Peter Tristram 09/13. Ex. Tropiflora.
Peter Tristram .... "Lovely specimen Bruce! There are reputed to be 2 basic forms of durangensis - your form with the white leaves, like in the description (that usually clumps up well!) and a red-leafed form that gives few pups and grows at lower altitude I gather. Soon I'll post pics of the related T. mazlatanensis. I hope your plant clumps, Bruce!
I have what appear to be the same plant from 2 sources - Michael F. and Tropiflora. I think Michael collected his plant in the wild. These plants usually just replace themselves and have hard, red foliage that twists a little. Maybe they aren't really durangensis! The inflorescences are a little different."

Greg Jones 10/18. Hybrid ? - durangensis ex. PT - durangensis offset.
Greg Jones ... "More than a few years back I got a durangensis seedling from Barry with the thought it might be a straight durangensis but just to make sure he let me have a durangensis offset. The durangensis seedling is now flowering and I am wondering if Barry recognises it and knows the cross. Included picture wise is the durangensis offset and a flowering durangensis from Peter Tristram many years ago."
Peter Tristram ... "It looks like it could have concolor in it, especially if those petals have a reddish tinge. The foliage looks pretty stiff too. I have the red leafed form and a few different concolor coming into bloom at home so I reckon if I cross them and grow the seed my grandkids can check if they match your plant!
Your specimen of durangensis looks like the white leafed version I obtained in Germany. Evidently it grows in a different location but I donít have access to the DVD this weekend to check such things. Itís a better propagator than the red leafed version which is slow-as.
The hybrid is very attractive- typical BG stuff!"
Greg Jones ... "Hi Peter. I had also thought concolor. Good to get the information on the durangensis from you but as this is the first flowering in more than ten years I dont know about it being a better propagator than the red form."
Bruce Dunstan 07/22 (White leaf form)

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