Tillandsia 'Holm's Sunshine'
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Tillandsia 'Holm's Sunshine'
crocata X humilis (aureobrunnea) by Holm, Germany.
BCR ... "'Holm's Sunshine' Mature rosette to10cm. high x 11cm. diameter. Clumping growth with deeply- channeled, strongly recurved, soft leaves which are densely covered with fluffy silvery-grey trichomes. Mostly short peduncles with 3 to 5 lemon yellow flowers, each 8-10 mm. wide. Reg. Doc. 10/2015 by Tanja Richter. Origin: Germany, 1986."
Peter Tristram 08/10 as crocata x aureobrunnea
Justin Lee 10/19
Peter Tristram ... "All died recently but maybe others have it. Imported as crocata x aureobrunnea in 2006"
Derek Butcher ... "The botanists consider that aureobrunnea is a synonym of humilis but many German horiculturists still hang on to aureobrunnea"

Updated 02/12/19