Tillandsia concolor
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Tillandsia concolor
Ken Woods 11/04.
Ken Woods 02/11.
Chris Larson 12/18

Chris Larson ... "Another of the plants with tricky labels. This one (in the foreground) came in as T. acostae ‘Balta’. The Balta bit wasn’t on the paperwork – but was on the label. Peter Tristram has a very similar plant as a ‘large T. concolor from Tropiflora’, I think, or maybe something similar to that – so maybe it is from Tropiflora.
At any rate the foliage is more open than others I have, and the leaves don’t overlap at the base to the same degree. Also the floral bracts are longer and thinner.
The one in the background is more the typical T. concolor."

Tillandsia concolor - Large form.

Ken Woods 02/11. (Large form.)
Chris Larson 10/18. (Huge, grown dark, well watered & fed)

Updated 23/04/19