Tillandsia compressa
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Tillandsia compressa
Please note the discussion about T. fasciculata 'Guatemala' on the T. fasciculata page.
Also note this species is NOT the same as the Registered Cultivar 'Compressor' (see BCR), also mentioned on the T. fasciculata page.

Ken Woods 08/04 (Ed: probably the cultivar T. Compressor)
Chris Larson 06/17, compressa, Jamaica
Chris Larson ... "T. compressa, Jamaica T.650 Ex Bird Rock. The flower didnít develop on this one, even in the heated greenhouse it mustnít have been quite right for flower development."
Peter Tristram ... "Interesting species! I asked for a pup of the compressa too! Good to know one of the 2 that I purchased is the real deal as the one I got bloomed as a small fasciculata-ish type. Maybe thereís another somewhere incorrectly labelled! Lol. Anyone with Ďfasciculata Alecí has compressa collected in Jamaica by Alec Campbell."
Geoff Beech 04/21 (wrongly labelled)
Bird Rock Tropicals
Geoff Beech ... "Can anyone shed any light on this one I got it as 'T. compressor' true species from Birdrock USA"
Geoff Lawn ... "That spelling T. 'Compressor' is registered as such as a cultivar but its botanical status is uncertain and with narrow paddles does NOT look like yours. See: http://registry.bsi.org/index.php?fields=Name&id=10670&search=Compressor.
The true species T. compressa (note spelling) has more inflated paddles, just like yours, but to be sure, someone needs to try keying yours out with the botanical description."
George Stamatis ... "It looks like the one. T. compressa from the Dominican Republic, ex Bird Rock Tropicals. I imported a few from Bird Rock many years ago. Lovely plants. Bract colour can vary from shades of yellow through to orange. Some have mixed colour in the bracts."
Geoff Beech ... "Thanks Geoff looks like you're on the mark with the spelling mine looks a lot like Pam's photos of compressa on the disc just a bit less developed due to Melbourne's weather."
Chris Larson ... "Hi Geoff: From the initials on the tag I know the hands it went through. Originally from George Stamatis - so ........"
Peter Tristram ... "I well remember these babies at Pamís original nursery having just arrived from the Dominican Republic, 1988 from memory. Harry Luther suggested T. buchii, much later debated as a form of compressa. Certainly, it is different to the Jamaican compressa. As George says, bract colour is variable, though Iíd add red too. Barry made hybrids with some so I wonder how they are turning out."

Updated 17/04/21