Tillandsia complanata X streptophylla
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Tillandsia complanata X streptophylla
Not Registered. By Barry Genn.
Bruce Dunstan 11/20
Bruce Dunstan 12/20
Bruce Dunstan 12/20
Bruce Dunstan ... "Another of Barry Genn's babies."
Barry Genn ... "It will be interesting to see if the flower bracts color up pink and what the flowers look like. I have only flowered one at this stage but it was not as well grown as your plant."
Peter Tristram ... "Yep, Barry, those flowers will tell some of the story! Hoping!"
Pam Butler 11/20
Pam Butler ... "This is the plant that I flowered last year. I posted it again when it developed x 3 pups in the inflorescense. Dale wanted me to leave them there but I chose to remove 2 and leave 1 there. The 2 that were removed have grown very very slowly. The one left developed an inflorescense back in May and that has now coloured up. It has never developed any pups at the base."
Pam Butler ... "This is the only plant I purchased from Barry Genn. It flowered last year and then produced those pups. Barry said the only plant he had flowered did the same thing. I am unsure what happened with his plant post flowering. Perhaps he can answer that question."
Bob Reilly ... "Does this clone regularly produce pseudoviviparous offsets?"

Updated 06/12/20