Tillandsia clavigera
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Tillandsia clavigera var. pendula
Chris Larson 06/15
Chris Larson 06/17
Chris Larson 06/15 ... "I have 2 forms coming into flower. The first is a recent import very similar to many of the other (older) forms I have had, though it is fairly squat & open - I forgot to check the tag to see where this came from - & the fog is due to the camera being taken inside the greenhouse.
The second is a huge form with upright foliage which I am pretty sure came from Germany - from Petra H, if I remember correctly. The second one is in a shady spot - so I'm not sure if it has colour under normal circumstances.
T. clavigera is such a nice easy species to grow here in Melbourne, it takes the cold well. A bit slow - but worth it. With these ones I sped up the process by putting them in the heat."
Chris Larson 06/17 ... "Big, spectacular, so easy to grow, maybe a little slow but not as slow as some. Pups well. Maybe the taxonomy is difficult to understand but this is one of my favourites."
Peter Tristram 06/17 ... "What a great specimen is the infamous clavigera v. pendula! Is it a more recent KK import or from one of the originals either collected by Rob P or imported from Lee Moore back in the '80s? I guess others likely found some in their imported boxes too. Not all are reliable puppers, even from the same clone. Others give proper pups reliably and most will give adventitious pups. I tried for years to set seed on them without success. It's still a puzzle to me that it wasn't given full species status. I can thank HEL for finally figuring out what it was."

Chris Larson 05/18 one of many forms

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