Tillandsia brachycaulos x streptophylla
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Un-named cv. of brachycaulos x streptophylla grown by Ken Woods.
More recently the same cross has been registered as 'Bauple' and 'Eric Knobloch'
Ken Woods 08/04
Harold Kuan 06/19 as brachycaulos x concolor
Harold Kuan 06/19 but may be Ken Wood's T. brachycaulos x streptophyla
Harold Kuan ... "Is it me or are the leaves a little thicker, more recurving, and scurfier than other T. brachycaulos x concolor? The base is also quite chunky, bulbous one you can see it, aided by the fact that I had to give it a heavy hair cut down there due to suspected fungus attack.
Unfortunately I was never able to time it such that I could see the flowers open, or perhaps they may have never opened."
John Olsen ... "I am not seeing much of either parent in this hybrid."
Ed. ... "Harold: If this plant was sourced in Sydney, then it may have originated from Ken Woods.
Note that Ken grew both T. brachycaulos x concolor and T. brachycaulos x streptophyla under formula.
It may be that your plant has been mixed up with T. brachycaulos x streptophyla. See this web site for Ken's formula plant or 'Eric Knobloch'."

Updated 16/08/19