Tillandsia brachycaulos x fasciculata
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(Probably) Natural Hybrid of brachycaulos x fasciculata
Ken Woods 02/08 (possibly wrong label or one registered later)
Ken Woods 05/11
Bryan Atkins 12/20
Bryan Atkins ... "I have another plant, and this won’t be the last, which I need advice and enlightenment on. When I got this plant it had no label except for the broken remnants wedged in the leaf axils. The best I could decipher, with a lot of wishful thinking, from the faded illegible mess was brachycaulos, fasciculata and Nat. Hyb. And after some searching I have assigned it as a Natural Hybrid of brachycaulos x fasciculata ????
Any ideas? Does it have another name? Anyone else growing a similar plant?"
Barry Genn ... "I have the same plant, just flowered. The name you have it correct unless there's been an amendment. I got it from Peter Tristram."
Ray Clark ... "Guys, not my area of expertise but there is some info on the DVD that cross references the parents named. Please see the following on the disc, not sure what else is out there?
Tillandsia brachycaulos x fasciculata Bird Rock TX003 1996 Mex"
Geoff Lawn ... "There are other registered cultivars with that formula T. brachycaulos x fasciculata.
See T. 'Maria Teresa L' at: http://registry.bsi.org/index.php?fields=&id=8167&search=
See: Margaret Paterson's T. 'Neerdie' at: http://registry.bsi.org/index.php?fields=Name&id=8202&search=neerdie
Needless to say, but quoted parentages alone do not identify a single cultivar within a grex, nor its origins."
Derek Butcher ... "Ray The DVD is just a copy of what is on my computer. To get current detail you need to check what is on the BSI Web site. With natural hybrids you should get a nothospecies with its herbarium reference etc. With man made hybrids you should get a registered name in the BCR. It is so easy to say a plant is a natural hybrid with no reference being retained anywhere. Emails are not enough Your problem is one of these."
Peter Tristram ... "The plant is from Pam Butler in the ‘90s. It has been discussed before at length too. 'b' comes before 'f' so that’s the way TX 003 is listed according to the rules for natural hybrids, which I assume it is."
Eric Gouda ... "This natural hybrid is known from Costa Rica, where a T. brachycaulos crosses with T. fasciculata, I had a plant more than 40 years ago, but did not describe it yet."

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