Tillandsia barbeyana
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Tillandsia barbeyana
Peter Tristram 05/14
Peter Tristram ... "Back in ‘80s a friend of mine went to Peru and shipped a heap of plants back to my new quarantine house. 99% died within a few weeks (which broke our hearts I can assure you) but a few Tillandsias survived including fendleri, clavigera var. pendula, a laxissima var. moorei (parent of Sexy Pink) and a barbeyana. Unfortunately all progeny of these originals are now dead but I have managed to recover all three again. A few years ago I spied a couple of nice species at the DBG’s Berlin conference that looked a hell of a lot like T. barbeyana and one even had that name with a ‘?’. One survived and is now in bloom, the less spotty of the two but the tougher one. I sure hope it pups! I know Len will enjoy seeing this species having seen it in Ecuador. I am sure the spots would be more prominent in brighter light but getting too hot is an issue with these sorts."
Len Colgan ... "Yes, I brought two of these back from Ecuador. They both came through quarantine, but eventually succumbed. But at least I know the location, if anyone ventures there. Mind you, the new requirement of a phytosanitary certificate by the Australian government probably puts a stop to most collecting in the wild."

Updated 25/09/14