Tillandsia araujei var. minima
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Tillandsia araujei var. minima
Ken Woods 04/05
Jenny Brittain 02/16 ex. Neville Ryan
George Nieuwenhoven 08/17
Chris Larson 03/21 as tenuifolia BRT T688
George Nieuwenhoven 08/17 ... "..not a fast grower and now it has flowered I hope it will produce more than one offset. No special conditions needed, it just hangs around in the shadehouse."
Chris Larson 03/21 ... "I've had this for many years (BRT T688). An unusual form of tenuifolia, always good to see it in flower."
Bob Hudson ... "Yes a great little Species. I have it labeled as T. tenuifolia V. tenuifolia."
Kameron Kettle ... "Nicely grown plant. If mine are the same, most grow faster than they die. Not a patch on this specimen. Is this now Tillandsia araujei var. minima ?"
Pamela Koide-Hyatt ... "My BRT T688 originally came from Lydia Koehres.and was labeled T. tenuifolia sp. It probably should be T. araujei v. minima."
Chris Larson ... "Popular opinion says so. I'd put T. araujei v minima on it. Not sure that anyone keyed it. T. tenuifolia is a mess."

Updated 16/04/21