Tillandsia Yongala
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Tillandsia Yongala
rothii x jalisco-monticola by Neville Ryan, Qld.
Seed sown by Barry Genn. Mature rosette to 60cms. diameter, flowering to about 80cms high. Fasciculata Group.
Peter Tristram 04/15
John Olsen 01/18
Barry Genn from BCR

Peter Tristram ... "This baby is one from Barry, simply labelled rothii but obviously a hybrid. I know Barry knew this batch were hybrids so I wonder if he knows the pollen donor. I imagine, if pot-grown (and in Bruce or Chrisís hands!), it would have a hell of big inflorescence, as it is basically fertiliser-free where it lives, out with the Sharks. The foliage is narrow and quite soft which would eliminate some possibilities, though a purple flowered species for sure."
Barry Genn ..... "Yes these can get quite large. Nevel is responsible for doing this cross and I raised the seed, has registered it as Yongala."

Updated 11/01/18