Tillandsia White Knight

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Tillandsia White Knight
From BCR ... Dainty, medium-sized, white frosted rosette, blooming with a pale yellow/ off-white flush and white flowers. Obtained by Aussie nurseryman Peter Tristram from Burkhard Holm In Germany as T. "ionantha Alba" in 2009.. Ionantha Group. Reg. Doc. 3/2017 by P Tristram. Country of origin: Germany
Also called T. 'Holm's White Knight' for a while.
Chris Larson 03/17
Sumo Size White - Holm's White Knight - Comparison
Bob Hudson
as ionantha "alba"
Chris Larson ... "Bob Hudson has been pushing for what is now T.ionantha “Holm’s White Knight” to be registered. Previously this has been circulating as T. ionantha Alba Holm.
I did some photos with my phone and here are the results. There is a fair amount of flaring in the photos, but that’s how it went.
Attached are:
1. T. ionantha Sumo Size White which is more yellow than other plants of this cv as it is grown in a bright, but shaded position. So, in my opinion, this colour is based on culture.
2. “White Knight”. (T. ionantha Holm’s White Knight.) An albino plant from Holm. While similar to Sumo – it is different in the nature of the leaves. It is less succulent, more silvery, leaves taper more over the length. A new registration on the BCR is hopefully coming soon.
3. A comparison photo. The 2 flowering plants on the left are Sumos and the one on the right a White Knight. Note that the 2 Sumos are different colours – this, I think, was cause by comparative light conditions – the yellow (the one picture earlier as well) was grown in less light than the whiter one. The White Night has blushed a whiter shade at other times when grown in higher light than it had this time.
4. Bob Hudson's photo of T. ionantha alba / Holm’s White Night / White Knight."
Pam Butler 05/20*
*Pam Butler ... "The plant on the left from Bob Hudson has been grown in more shade than the one on the right from Chris Larson."

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