Tillandsia Twisty
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Tillandsia Twisty
cv. of T. bartramii, Vic Przetocki, WA, 1993.
From BCR ... "Mature, open rosette to 30 cm. diameter. Arching, tapering, greyish-green leaves. The erect inflorescence is 18 cm.high with a branched, zig-zag scape, with coral red bracts; green ovaries; green sepals with a red keel; and violet flowers. Seed-grown variant of selfed T. bartramii, which flowered consistently with this clump's mutation in 2017 and 2020. Reg. Doc. 6/2020"
Vic Przetocki 02/17
Vic Przetocki 03/20

Vic Przetocki ... "I have just submitted this plant for registration. A 1993 bartramii seedling having a zig zag scape. First two photos taken 10/2/2017, second two photos taken 14/3/2020."

Updated 07/08/20