Tillandsia ionantha 'Truchlik'
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Tillandsia ionantha 'Truchlik'
Unregistered ionantha form.
Bruce Dunstan 12/20 "Truchlik"
Peter Tristram 01/21 ex. Truchlich
Peter Tristram ... "Hi Bruce, I got it from a friend of Lotte, in Austria. She took me to visit him (Herr Walter Truchlich). He had a great collection and spent time in Mexico so it might have been one of his collections."
Bruce Dunstan ... "Thanks for the information. I noticed the spelling with the K in the German Journal. I guess one day we should think about a cultivar name for this plant. Like a small version of T. Ron?. First flowering for me, usually this plant is more interested in multiplying. I have another from you from the same source that has much thinner leaves, also flowered but I didn't get to take a photo, sadly."
Bruce Dunstan 12/21
Bruce Dunstan 12/21 T. 'Truchlik' always remind me of these Tapeinocheilos brassii, a backscratcher ginger from PNG.
Bruce Dunstan 01/24
Bruce Dunstan 12/22 "My current favourite ionantha. It looks very different when young with very thin recurving leaves."

Updated 02/01/24