Tillandsia Tina
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Tillandsia Tina
Found in a batch of plants that came to Australia with a consignment from Guatemala by Collectors Corner in the 1990's as T. punctulata, named by Chris Larson after his Daughter.
looks very similar to the Natural hybrid punctulata x standleyi sold by BirdRock TX020, circa 1996.
punctulata x ?
Ken Woods, Sydney 09/06
George Nieuwenhoven 08/14
Chris Larson 12/18
Vic Przetocki 10/19
Chris Larson 07/21
Vic Przetocki ... "Tillandisa Tina, flowering at the moment. It's not looking healthy, I'm hoping it will give me a pup. Have tried both of the parents in the past but both didn't survive."

Updated 03/08/21