Tillandsia 'Super Betty'
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Tillandsia Super Betty
From BCR ... "Mature, open rosette to 40cm. diameter x 40cm. high in bloom. Stiff, narrow, semi-channeled, arching light green to frosted grey- green leaves, tapering to a point. Erect spike of pale pink bracteate leaves with a compound compact head of vermilion scape bracts and exserted, tubular mauve flowers. Select form in a grex batch imported into Queensland, Australia by George Stamatis, ex Rainforest Flora Inc. Los Angeles, circa 2010. Grex siblings = T. 'Betty', 'Betty Bo-Peep' . Reg. Doc. 6/2021 by Geoff Lawn. Country of origin: California USA
xerographica x brachycaulos"

George Stamatis Extract 27/2/20 Till Addicts Aust. Buy/Swap/Sell
"Hi Peter (Tristram): I have explained this in online sales in the past, but not everyone may have seen the background story. I really should just register 'Super Betty' for the sake of consistency.
Here's the story of 'Super Betty':
Over a decade ago I imported many plants from RFI under the name of 'Betty'. I grew them all to maturity only to discover that they were all different. They were evidently all siblings from the same grex and it was obvious that the name 'Betty' had been applied to an entire batch of seedlings. Of the many plants I imported, one clone stood out. It had the best form, colour, vigor and inflorescence. The descendants of that particular clone are what I now sell as 'Super Betty'. They are all vegetatively propagated from the original superior plant. The inferior clones were discontinued from my nursery a long time ago. I no longer have them."

*Note: The page below was previously listed here as xerographica X brachycaulos prior to it being registered.

*Same parentage listed on BCR as T. 'Betty' and 'Sunset Glow' by Paul Isley.
This one seems different and provenance is unknown.
John Olsen 12/19 as xerographica X brachycaulos ex. Stan W.
Now registered as 'Betty Bo-Peep'
Chris Larson 11/20
Chris Larson 12/19 ... "I got one of these from Stan Walkley (Sunshine Coast) earlier in the year. Stan said he'd had it for years. I thought the plant itself looked brilliant - even better in flower.
I reckon it needs a name."
Chris Larson 11/20 ... "Stan's T. xerographica X brachycaulos. I know I've said it before. It deserves a name. (It's a different leaf to my T. Betty - with the same parents)."
John Olsen 12/20 as xerographica X brachycaulos ex. Stan W.
John Olsen 05/21
Glenn Jodner 06/14 as T. 'Betty' - see below.

Chris Larson ... "This is one I got, I think, from Bob Hudson as T. brachycaulos X caput-medusae. I'm not sure who did it."
Bob Hudson ... "This one I got on our last trip to USA, Russell's I think."
Ian Hook ... "Chris: take a look on BinA website under Tillandsia cultivars, also a link to a Detective Derek article.
Looks like it finally needs a name invented ?"
Derek Butcher ... "I agree Ian. The quoted parents look suspect too. Why is it that Aussies seem to be the only ones to challenge the use of formulas to identify plants? Perhaps 'Russell's Blue'"
Glenn Jodner ... "Would this not be Isley's "Sunset Glow"? (Parents T. xerographica x brachycaulos) Or perhaps a remake? I have the same cross, my particular clone throws a lovely multi-bract."
Bob Hudson ... "Hi Glen: Take a look at the BSI.org and your photo is not in the same Ball park. You should ask the seller who you bought it from."

Ian Hook ... "Has anything been done about naming? Worth chasing for registry ? There seems to be quite a bit of it around.
I assume it IS different to T. 'Betty' ?"

Chris Larson ... "I think this was the name on the cross - the plant is at work & I am at home with the pups - just labeled Stan's hybrid (Stan W).
A few years ago Stan had some xerographica x brachycaulos (I think) at the Tillandsia day at the school. Many of us now have it, and have many pups. Stan was unsure who he imported it from.
I am currently taking a few pups off. Has anyone got a good photo to register it with so we can get Stan to put a name on it? Mine hit the wire it was hanging on so my photo is not good.
I reckon we should get Stan to register it. Anyone with a photo - and the measurements?"
Jenny Brittain 02/21
John Olsen 11/21
Jenny Brittain ... "Here are some photo's of this beauty I took on 15th February 2021. I shall have a look for measurement, and I just remembered I separated them recently and know exactly where they are.
I know John Olsen & Bruce have nice photo's too."
John Olsen ... "There is no shortage of good photos but here's mine. (see above) I got it as a potted plant from Stan Walkley. I've sold pups labelled xerographica x brachycaulos(SW).
I have 'Betty' but this is not the same. I also have a xerographica x brachycaulos from Len Summers which is different again but less spectacular."
Geoff Lawn ... "Hi Chris, Jenny, Stan: What did Stan actually release-- seedlings off his import or pups directly from his import ?
Are you certain it is not linked in any way to the old Paul Isley hybrid Till. 'Betty' with the same parentage? See: http://registry.bsi.org/index.php?fields=&id=7996&search=Betty"
Bruce Dunstan ... "I have these too. No measurements. Stan gave me a potted plant."
Alfonso Trudu ... "We have a T. xerographica x brachycaulos, which we bought from Margaret Paterson.
Regarding T. 'Betty', we have a clone from George Stamatis which he has named 'Super Betty'. He imported the original plant from RFI. I tend to believe that George must have gone through a process of selection to create a better plant than the original Betty was."
Zane Ford (ex BCR)

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