Tillandsia Sprengos
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Tillandsia Sprengos
On this site as sprengeliana x aeranthos before registration in April 2021.
From BCR ... "Mature, small, compact rosette to 9cm. diameter x 12cm. high. Scurfed, narrow, grey-green upward-curving leaves, tapering to a point. Arching inflorescence to 10cm. long with shell pink scape bracts and mauve flowers. Stock of this cultivar tagged under parentage-only from the mid-1990s are traceable to Queensland grower Rolly Reilly, who may be its breeder. Reg. Doc. 4/2021 by Geoff Lawn. sprengeliana x aeranthos by Rollyy Reilly ? Qld 1980's"

Kerry McNicol 05/19 as sprengeliana x aeranthos
Chris Larson 03/21 as sprengeliana x aeranthos

Kerry McNicol 05/19 ... "Not a telling picture, the flowers were just starting to poke out, purple from my recollection."
Chris Larson ... "I also got this plant from Len Summers recently under the reverse formula. He got it from Margaret Paterson. Grant Paterson tells me it came from Roly Reilly and told me that sprengeliana was the seed parent.
My question: does anyone have a photo of a flowering plant?"
Chris Larson ... "Kerry has kindly provided a plant close to flower. This hybrid by Roly Reilly is grown from Mackay to Gympie to Sydney to Melbourne. Clumps up easily.
Should it be registered?"
Derek Butcher ... "Someone should bite the bullet. It has survived over 30 years in the wilderness and we know very little of its early life. I see little trace of sprengeliana genes. Did it only get distributed via Margaret Paterson ? The best person to do the deed is Grant Paterson. A name could be 'Rolly' but then there is already a 'Rolly Reilly' which does look different but has a similar history!"
Chris Larson ... "I am not sure of the supply lines.
The shape of the plant shows the sprengeliana influence very clearly – in that it isn’t a straight aeranthos, and the sprengeliana is a likely parent when assessing whether I believe the tag.
Margaret? Grant? Anyone feel like doing the naming honours?
Anyone concur with Kerry’s remembering the flowers as purple?
I’ll get the dimensions over the coming days."
Geoff Lawn 03/21 ... "I came across this old email debate from nearly 2 years ago involving so-called T. sprengeliana x aeranthos --see attached photo by Kerry McNicol.
That parentage is not in the BCR and nothing seems to have been done since to name and register it. Is any further information available or the reason why it has just gone into limbo ?
Does anyone else have photos, blooming or otherwise ? "
Chris Larson ... "We were waiting for a flowering photo. Yes it needs a name. Possibly with Rolys name in it? Mine just flowered a month or so ago. The petals never opened. This is how far it got, then faded. Did Kerry's open?
Here are my photos I really like the plant."
Kerry McNicol ... "I got it from Margaret Paterson. No other details."
Pam Butler ... "I got mine from Ron Jell but unsure where he got it."

Updated 22/04/21