Tillandsia Speckled Pink
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Tillandsia Speckled Pink
cv. schiedeana.
See also T. Shy & T. A Little Shy.
See Detective Derek DD1211b for details.
Derek Butcher 10/11.
From Derek Butcher 26/10/2011...
"Barry Genn has sent me some challenges from his seed raising efforts over the last 10 years or so. Everybody knows that T. schiedeana always has yellow petals and reddish tones to its floral bracts - at least this is what all the taxonomists tell us. Because Barry has plants with yellow bracts we both feel they need a cultivar name. There are two forms - thin leafed and fat leafed. Because they don't blush in the floral bracts they must be ultra shy - hence the two names 'A Little Shy' and 'More Shy'. Apparently Nev Ryan knew about these in the 1990's or before and now Barry has proved that they reproduce faithfully from self set seed. Therefore many others may be growing these oddities without comment - or they made a comment but did not shout loud enough."
21/12/2011 update. See Detective Derek DD1211b for details.

17/09/2012 update & summary. See Detective Derek DD0912.

Barry Genn 01/13.
From Barry Genn 04/01/13...
"I just managed to photograph the last flower on the Till schiedeana that I referred to as pink speckles.BR> It seems to be a little different to most schiedeana in that it has a darker color to the leaves and they tend to receed beyond 90 degrees.
Also culturally it is much drier grower and will not tolerate cold moist conditions."

Updated 24/03/13