Tillandsia Southern Christmas
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Tillandsia Southern Christmas
T. deppeana x imperialis by Andrew Flower NZ.
Mature rosette to 55cm. diameter. Erect red-bracted, mauve-flowered inflorescence to 80cm. tall.
Andrew Flower, NZ 12/13. anw01602 & 01604.
John Olsen 12/18
Andrew Flower..... 'Southern Christmas' flowering here for the first time - a cross I made in 2003 T. deppeana x imperialis. 80cm high, 55cm. diameter.
Its worth comparing to J. Lautner's putative natural hybrid from Veracruz (see THE DVD) T. deppeana x imperialis - Die Bromelie 2.85.2008.
Judging from differences in both the foliage and the inflorescence on the two plants, both characters on my plant appear closer to deppeana than on Herr Lauther's plant - indicating that his plant has a greater contribution from a maternal T. imperialis side (mDNA contribution) so I'd say that his plant is probably T. imperialis x deppeana.

Updated 17/04/19