Tillandsia Silverado
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Tillandsia Silverado
chiapensis x xerographica
From BCR ... "12" diameter stiff heavily white scurfed dense rosette resembling the xerographica parent w/1.5' inflorescence w/10+ branches in narrow feather-form w/heavily frosted pink bracts and purple flowers. John Arden, 1984, California
Bruce Dunstan 03/16
Pam Butler 03/20
Bruce Dunstan 03/20
Bruce Dunstan ... "Bob Hudson kindly gave me this plant 3 years ago. It looks to have enjoyed the fertiliser and being potted up."
Pam Butler ... as xerographica x chiapensis ex. Bruce Dunstan.
Tony Tucker ... "Hmm, checking in BCR, there about 10 things going by that formula. Could you or perhaps Bruce say which clone?"
Chris Larson ... "I was looking at the BCR & it had me wondering. These appear to likely be out of a couple of crossings - or even just one! Most are very similar. I wonder if they were named after the first flowering or they were given a couple of generations?"
Bruce Dunstan ... "When I mentioned it originally in 1916, it came from Dan Kinnard. Pam Koide suggested it is likely originally from her and likely to be Silverado. This individual has coloured nicely, while a larger plant has stayed pretty pale in comparison."

John Olsen 02/22

Updated 11/04/22