Tillandsia Silver Surprise
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Tillandsia Silver Surprise
From BCR ... "Mature, small, slightly bulbous-based rosette to 20cm. diameter x 12cm. high. Stiff, arching, channeled, grey-green leaves heavily coated in trichomes. Inner top leaves turn pastel pink at blooming with exserted long tubular purple flowers. Ionantha Group."
T. ionantha var. van-hyningii x ? by Neville Ryan, Qld ~1990
Pam Butler 08/20
Dale Dixon 09/20

Dale Dixon 08/21
Dale Dixon ... "Tillandsia 'Silver Surprise' is a hybrid from Neville Ryan in Brisbane. The seed parent is T. ionantha var. van hyningii but the pollen parent is unknown as Neville did not keep records at the time the cross was made.
I last flowered this cultivar in mid September 2020. I have two plants. Both are suspended on aluminium craft wire and hung on a southwest facing internal wall of the TillHouse. Both are flowering this year. In this position they get bright light and exposure to the afternoon sun."

Updated 04/09/21