Tillandsia Scurfy
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Tillandsia Scurfy
Submitted for registration by D.Butcher.
chapalillaensis ? or schiedeana with bicolored petals ? or ?
See notes from Detective Derek 02/10: stating why this plant is now at least "tied down" by giving it a cultivar name.
See also Detective Derek 09/12: T. schiedeana discussion.
Derek Butcher 02/10.
'Scurfy' left, chapalillaensis right
Ray Clark 12/20 'Scurfy'
Ray Clark 12/20 chapalillaensis
Ray Clark ... "Cruising around the garden I noticed T. ’Scurfy’ and then T. chapalillaensis both in flower. What caught my eye was the similarities in the growth habit of each plant and also the colours, (hues?) of the flowers on them both also. In the first pic T. ’Scurfy’ is on the left, second pic is ‘Scurfy’ alone and so on."

Updated 03/01/21