Tillandsia Robinson's Delight
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Tillandsia Robinson's Delight
BCR ... "Mature rosette to 20cm. diameter x 20cm. high. Scurfed, grey-green, channeled, strongly recurving leaves which are polystichous (arranged in several rows), each to 20cm. long. Erect, simple spike to 11.5cm. long with apricot flowers. This cultivar offsets prolifically before blooming. Only one clone from this grex was released."
lorentziana x albertiana, by Jack Robinson / Greame Nolan, Qld, circa 1995.
Dale Dixon 04/21
Dale Dixon ... "Tillandsia 'Robinson's Delight' has just been registered on the BCR. If you’ve bought Tillandsia lorentziana x albertiana from Graeme Nolan recently (Tillandsia Day or BSQ Shows) then this is the cultivar."
Dale Dixon 12/21
Dale Dixon ... "It has been sold under the formulae for many years but was registered in April this year.
This cultivar is named after the hybridist Jack Robinson who gave one plant to Graeme Nolan. Graeme steadily increased the numbers and as such all plants in collections are the same clone.
Just like its seed parent, T. lorentziana, this cultivar produces offsets prolifically before flowering. And having T. albertiana as a parent ensures the flowers are stunning.
It's a fast growing cultivar with my plants growing to sizeable clumps in just over a year. When multiple stems are in flower it's a stunning sight. My plants are suspended on aluminium craft wire in the southwest corner of the #TillHouse where they get very bright light all day."
Bryan Atkins 02/23
Bryan Atkins 02/23

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