Tillandsia Requited Love
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Tillandsia Requited Love
aeranthos x arequitae
From BCR ... "Circulated in Australia by Melbourne nurseryman Maurice Kellett under parentage (aeranthos x arequitae). Hybridist is unknown. Plant is 20 cm high and 24 cm. diameter. Silvery, scurfed, grey-green leaves are 12 cm long and 1.2 cm wide. Inflorescence is 9 cm high. Flowers are white, tinted blue."
Justin Lee 11/18 ex. Maurice Kellet under formula
Pam Butler 09/20
Derek Butcher 11/18 ... "Justin, you seem to be the only nutter with this hybrid alive and where the quoted parents could be correct! Is it time to bite the bullet and find out who was the hybridist etc. We can't give it a cultivar name because only 1 is in existence does not mean it is in cultivation generally. Can Maurice remember who else he sold to?"
Pam Butler ..."I have one too, also from Maurice."
Ed. 12/18 ... now registered as 'Requited Love'
Pam Butler 09/20 ... "This is a plant I purchased from Maurice Kellett. I checked the BCR and my plant looks considerly larger than the one on there. It is also pure white with no blue tinge. Very happy with mine!"

Updated 27/10/20