Tillandsia Red Fountain
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Tillandsia Red Fountain
balbisiana x capitata
Mature rosette to 22cm tall. Recurving, narrow, scurfed, channelled grey-green leaves. Erect short inflorescence of pinkish red scape bracts, light mauve flowers edged white and purple-stalked anthers. Breeder is unrecorded. Not to be confused with hybrid on offer by Tropiflora in 2001 with reverse parentage (capitata x balbisiana) which grows to 35-45 cm tall.
Steve Molnar 03/17

Steve Molnar ... "Loving this combination, beautiful colour in the leaves with them curling nicely also. As well as having multiple flowers opening at once. From Wendy Peske, probably from Barry Genn originally."

Updated 04/03/17