Tillandsia Purple Razz
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Tillandsia Purple Razz
aeranthos x seideliana
Chris Larson 09/13, as seideliana x tenuifolia
Chris Larson 29/09/13. "Something that sprang up on me. This one has been hanging around at work for quite some time. It has T. seideliana X tenuifolia on the label. If I’m not mistaken, it is one of a few hybrids I got from Neville 10 or so years ago. Does it look like one of yours Nev?"
Neville Ryan 05/10/13. It is either a cross Barry made and gave me seed or a cross I made and gave him seed, as I have grown and flowered the same plant from seed. I call it T. Purple Razz. It is T. aeranthos x seideliana.
Derek Butcher 06/10/13. We will proceed with registration as follows. Please advise any corrections necessary.
Tillandsia ‘Purple Razz’. Hybridist Barry Genn Qld date ? 1990’s. Named by Neville Ryan.
aeranthos x seideliana. Plant looks very close to the controversial species T. seideliana so take care. Also sold in Australia as seideliana x tenuifolia. Reg Doc Chris Larson 10/2013.

George Nieuwenhoven 10/17, as seideliana
Chris Larson 10/17
George Nieuwenhoven 10/17 ... "this seideliana is in flower at the moment, it could easily pass for a form of aeranthos"
Andrew Flower ... "I don't think your plant looks like T. seideliana - compare Renate's photo on the DVD and attached pics of what we grow here as T. seideliana.
The petals on your plant do not extend very far compared to T. seideliana, the petals are not coiled back enough, and the leaves are too broad - more like a hybrid in the aerathos/tenuifolia range maybe."
Chris Larson ... "I was just taking this photo when George’s email came through. A bit of a coincidence as T.Purple Razz is supposed to be T. aeranthos x seideliana.
I think that I was talking to Barry & he said that the hybrid was probably identical to the form of T. seideliana that was used and that it was probably not a hybrid. Does this mean that the seed parent was T. seideliana – the reverse of the stated cross?
A beautiful plant whatever it is."

Harold Kuan 10/18 Ex. Chris Larson
Chris Larson 10/18 ... "I had a discussion with Barry G some time ago where he said he thought that this plant was not a hybrid – or rather it was identical to the T. seideliana parent & therefore did not take the aeranthos. The BCR lists the seed parent as T. aeranthos, which makes me query things.
I feel that missing out on the species name (if it is applicable), leaves out a vital part of the story of the plants identity – much the same as I like to put the source.
Derek is right, though, that no-one, to my knowledge has checked this plant against the description of seideliana – though it does look a good fit."

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