Tillandsia Purple Gem
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Tillandsia Purple Gem
neglecta (red leaf form) x aeranthos (purple leaf form), registered October 2015.
BCR entry says "Mature small rosette to 14cm. diameter x 12cm. high. In strong light, stiff, grey-green / bronze short leaves tapering to a point. Arching inflorescence of rose pink floral bracts and purple flowers. Queensland, Barry Genn 1997.
Peter Tristram 09/12 as neglecta X aeranthos
Peter Tristram 09/15
Chris Larson 07/19
Chris Larson ... "The tag on this one says T.neglecta X aeranthos BG. Iím not sure who I got it from in Brisbane 2014."
Bob Hudson ... "This also flowered for me and I got my plant from BG nice dark flowers. It will put on a great show when it grows into a clump."
Ron Jell ... "Looks similar to my plant that is flowering now. I got it from Barry in April 2013 Barry had on my tag (neglecta 'dark red' x aeranthos var. mini purple)"
Peter Tristram ... "It sure looks like this lovely baby is in need of a name! Baz... I posted a pic of this baby two years ago and it sure has extended. Hopefully it will clump like mad now, like neglecta."
Bruce Dunstan 08/19
Alfonso Trudu 09/19
Bruce Dunstan ... "Another lovely hybrid from Barry. My last plant produced 18 pups. Wonder how many Iíll get this time?"
Pam Butler 09/20
Dale Dixon 08/21
Dale Dixon ... "Another stunning cultivar from Barry Genn. The choice of these leaf colour variants of the parents by Barry has really paid off as the leaf colour is very striking even when not in flower. And to top it all off the flowers are a deep purple with reddish floral bracts. Overall this cultivar is very striking on the wall. As the clump gets larger it will be absolutely spectacular in flower.
This plant receives full sun exposure in the southwest corner of the Till House. It is grown atmospherically suspended on aluminium craft wire."

Updated 28/08/21