Tillandsia Princess Gem
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Tillandsia Princess Gem
brachycaulos (giant form) x Silver Rose, by P. Pacharapong, 2011.
BCR ... "Mature rosette to 40 cm. diameter x 45 cm. high in bloom. Broad, multiple-layered, channeled, recurving, waxy green scurfed leaves, tapering to a recoiling point. The erect inflorescence is tall and shoots up to 30 cm.high. During the blooming period it has a dusky red-pink top with long flowing bracteate leaves and mauve flowers Reg. Doc. 2/2018 by Pachara Orchids, Thailand"
Bob Hudson 12/19
Bruce Dunstan 02/21
Bob Hudson ... "The T. Silver Rose x T. brachycaulos is now in full flower. It is a Pachara plant."
Geoff Lawn ... "Bob, Pachara Orchids registered a reverse cross - brachycaulos (giant form) x Silver Rose = 'Princess Gem'. However theirs has an extended scape, but that could be cultural/climatic influence. I will send your photos to Pachara for comment."
Chawin Hongsunirundon, Pachara Orchids ... "Yes, this look very likely one of our plants which we sold to AU in 2018 (with the white name tag) and could have been wrongly labelled as a reverse in cross as T. capitata 'Silver Rose' x T. brachycaulos, by us, as we were in the process of selection time.
It is likely one of the T. 'Princess Gem' cross, but ours do have a longer inflorescence and get to a ball shape if the plant is not in flower."
Bruce Dunstan ... "A plant that has flowered prematurely obtained at the BSQ Xmas Party. Thanks Pam. Hopefully next generation will get to a larger size before flowering."

Bruce Dunstan 12/23

Updated 30/12/23