Tillandsia Pink Empress
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Tillandsia Pink Empress
Cultivar of ionantha from Pam Butler, Qld.
From BCR ... "Mature, large rosette to 45cm. diameter x 60cm. high in bloom. Arching, scurfed, silvery grey-green, channelled leaves. Erect, branched spike to 45cm. high, of at least 10 clustered, curved, shell pink / peach-bracted paddles, each 25cm. long x 2.5cm. wide and mauve flowers. Grex siblings = T. 'Imperial Pink', 'Vermillion Pink', 'Rosado', 'Charon's Swan'."
xerographica x chiapensis, by P. Pacharapong, Pachara Orchids, Thailand, 2011.

Stevan Molnar 03/22

Updated 06/03/22