Tillandsia Pink Beauty
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Tillandsia Pink Beauty
From BCR ... "Mature upright rosette to 8cm. diameter x 8 cm. high. Out of flower, grey-green, scurfed, spreading leaves, tinged lime in strong light. In flower, shell pink to mid-pink blush over the foliage with exserted violet tubular flowers. This form of T. ionantha prolifically produces up to 8 pups from each rosette and is one which is produced in enormous quantities in recent years for commercial horticulture in south-east Asia and Australia. It's exact origin is unrecorded and previously this distinct species variant was released as an unnnamed T. ionantha clone. Ionantha Group. Reg. Doc. 9/2018 by Chris Larson."
Chris Larson 09/18
Chris Larson ... "Another plant which has recently appeared on the Australian market and is being sold by the 1000 is T. ionantha Pink Beauty. Not sure if it is worth registering, distinct & very nice, but not remarkable - but is currently seen in your nearest Bunnings en masse."
NOTE: from Chris Larson ... "Recently I have had a number of enquiries about T. ionantha Blushing Bride. This is what I wrote for an answer to a commercial enquiry:
T. ionantha ‘Blushing Bride’ is a term that has been used for decades for all red blushing T. ionantha. It does not refer, to my mind, to a specific form. Collectors Corner supplies a number of unnamed cultivars of T. ionantha under the name T. ionantha ‘Blushing Bride’, whereas when we supply specific cultivars such as T. ionantha Fuego, T. ionantha Sumo Size White, T. ionantha Pink Beauty, under specific cultivar names, we supply that plant.
There has been a plant that Collectors Corner has been supplying for a number of months, which is produced commercially throughout Asia. It has also been available in Bunnings, and members of the Tillandsia Addicts have been showing lots of photos of their purchases from that source. Last week we commenced selling it under the name T. ionantha Pink Beauty. We have had many questions, and this hopefully answers them. This plant is prolific, and widespread within Australia."

Updated 11/12/18