Tillandsia Paterson
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Tillandsia Paterson
streptophylla x capitata 'Rubra', Margaret Paterson, Qld. 1988
capitata group.
Harold Kuan 09/21
Vic Przetocki 09/21
Vic Przetocki 02/23 grown bright & dry
Harold Kuan ... "Hoping to see if there's any more information/ID on this one.
The tag says: "T. hybrid Ex VP To MR Via SH".
Chris, I think I got this from you in 2018. For some reason, I've got here in my notes that it might have ionantha in it?
Sorry I know it's a bit of a sin, but I wasn't able to get a photo with fresh stamens, just wasn't around on the right day."
Peter Tristram ... "I have it too. Mine was from Steve Haines so maybe Steve or Vic will know more. It’s a nice hybrid and a bit like hybrids of streptophylla and brachycaulos or even capitata. I have a natural hybrid from Selby that it looks like too - brachycaulos x streptophylla. My guess is that there are many greges around with similar parentage."
Vic Przetocki ... "It’s one that was originally being grown in the WA as Till. streptophylla x capitata of unknown origin.
I did refer it to Derek Butcher a long time ago to give it a proper name but after being referred to Marg Paterson it was decided to put it under the name of Tillandsia Paterson. I always thought that it should have been given a separate name. It’s a tough plant and quite a number of it have been distributed in WA as Tillandsia Paterson. Chris Larson obtained one from me many years ago."
Peter Tristram ... "Hi Vic. Thanks for that info. I’ll get it out on fb as I’ve sold a few now."
Vic Przetocki ... "Hi Harold, Geoff Lawn is looking at this one could get a different name to Till. ‘Paterson’."
Grant Paterson ... "Tillandsia Paterson is one of Mum’s hybrids and is named after a district / Parish near Gympie.
If the plant in question is from the same grex then the name should apply."
Vic Przetocki (02/23) ... "Grown in bright light and dry conditions causing the leaves to curl."

Updated 09/02/23