Tillandsia Pachara Snow Flake
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Tillandsia Pachara Snow Flake
Cv. streptophylla ? P. Pacharapong 2009
From BCR .... "Mature rosette to 20cm. diameter x 30cm. high. Scurfed, grey-green recurving / drooping leaves (each 25cm. long), twisted or coiled at the tips. Erect, pink-stemmed inflorescence to 26cm. long with green peduncle bracts 5cm. long. At least 5-6 side branches (each 15cm. long) with white, heavily trichome-laden floral bracts and mauve flowers. Possibly a natural colour morph variant of T. streptophylla, wild- collected by the late Gary Hammer in 2009 in Mexico (exact location unknown) . Reg. Doc. 12/2015 by Pachara Orchids, Thailand. Country of origin: Mexico"
BCR images from Pachara Orchids, Thailand
John Olsen 01/20 cv. of streptophylla, NOT Pachara Snow Flake.
Bob Hudson ... "It is great we decided to import from Pachara we got some very good Tillandsias."
Pam Butler ... "Mine is in flower too. It is a nice plant but doesn't look anything like the photos on the BCR."
Geoff Lawn ... "Compared to the BCR photos, which were registered direct from Pachara Orchids and with its inflorescence more reminiscent of a giant snowflake, it looks like someone got a tag mixed up."
Chris Larson ... "John: I just looked at the BCR and see that there is no definite parentage. Certainly a very nice large plant.
How is yours looking with regards to the foliage. Any ideas of the influence of the other parent?"
Geoff Lawn ... "I've just emailed John's photo to Pachara Orchids, hoping they recognise it, seeing it came from there." (Reply below)
Pachara Orchids ... "As for the T. Pachara Snow Flake photo send from John Yes, it doesn't really look much like ours. But in the Snow Flake we do also have series of slight variation which we label them by 4 digit number, but all have some form of multi-bract for sure..
and if we sent those series we will also have photos to follow.
So it could have been by a mistake on our part, I'll talk to John and see if we could replace them in his next shipment."
John Olsen ... "It seems this is now resolved. The opinion is that my plant is a nice cv. of streptophylla but not 'Pachara Snow Flake'.

Updated 19/06/20