Tillandsia Ormesby
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Tillandsia Ormesby
sprengeliana X kautskyi, by Margaret Paterson 1998
from BCR "Mature, small, compact, ball-shaped rosette to 5cm. diameter x 5 cm. high. Inwardly recurved, stiff, densely-layered, mid-green, white-scurfed leaves. Erect or leaning, compact inflorescence of coral orange/red scape bracts and deep pink flowers. Ormesby is an historic district area, now known as Cedar Pocket, near Gympie, Queensland."
Brad Gillis 09/19
Bill Paterson
Brad Gillis ... "My first flowering of this one acquired few years ago. It was labelled (since faded off), T. sprengeliana x kautskyi or the reverse.
It definitely has T. sprengeliana like flowers with body more like T. kautskyi.
Then again I could be imagining things. Has anyone heard of this cross ? It came via E bay from Qld I am pretty sure."
Nanette Collingwood ... "There is a Margaret Paterson (Qld) hybrid called T. Ormesby using these parents."
Grant Paterson ... "Ormesby was the historic name for the area know as Cedar Pocket near Veteran where Margaret lives. Most of her hybrids are named after locations in and around Gympie."

Updated 14/10/19