Tillandsia Neville's Butter Cup
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Tillandsia Neville's Butter Cup
From BCR ... "Mature, upright, closed rosette to 30cm. diameter x 30cm. high. About 12 narrow straight, splayed, grey-green leaves, tapering to a point. Erect, short cluster (to 25cm. high) of relatively large, slightly fluted, apricot flowers. Reg. Doc. 4/2022 by Alfonso Trudu."
albertiana x ? by Neville Ryan, Qld, ~1995
Not to be confused with T. 'Buttercup' imported from B.Holm in 2006.
Alfonso Trudu 03/22 as 'NR Butter Cup'
Alfonso Trudu ... "We were able to flower this lovely T. 'Butter Cup' from Neville Ryan. It is an albertiana hybrid."
Geoff Lawn ... "It's registered as T. 'Buttercup' (one word), considered a species form or hybrid of T. crocata (not albertiana)."
Neville Ryan ... "Alfonso didn't put the full name on his photo it should be T. 'Neville's Butter Cup', it is a T. albertiana hybrid I did in 1990s I don't know the other parent. It is not a crocata hybrid."
Geoff Lawn ... "That's why these crosses are better registered while the main players are still around--written history is all future generations will have to go by re correct I.D., to avoid or minimise that confusion.
Memories fade and so do labels."

Updated 30/04/22