Tillandsia Nellie Rose
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Tillandsia Nellie Rose
cv. of jalisco-monticola x capitata 'Rubra', John Arden, California.
See also - 'Anique' below. To 43cms. diameter x 39cms. high. = jalisco-monticola x capitata 'Rubra' by Stan Olejnik WA 1994.
John Olsen 01/10.
John Olsen 01/10
Bruce Dunstan 01/15
Many people are growing this, or similar, hybrid in Australia. It is often in collections under it's formula name as it was originally un-registered (both through lack of will or possibly thought unworthy of keeping).
John Olsen and Len Colgan suspect their plants may have come from Pam Koide or Mark Dimmit.
It is known that Dimmit has done many crosses involving jalisco-monticola and capitata, but Koide and Dimmit both also had access to earlier crosses by John Arden. Derek Butcher determined that the earlier (Arden) date is more likely.
Derek has previously investigated this plant and instigated it's registration and details based on the best evidence available.
John Olsen 01/20
Tony Tucker 03/20
Nellie Rose(L) & Anique(R)
Diane Cornale 07/20
Tony Tucker ... "Same formula but different BCR cultivars named Nellie Rose (L) and Anique (R). These recently bloomed or just started blooming, to arrange conveniently adjacent for contrast."
James Lester 02/22

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